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Dennis Pippen - New Contemporary Artist

   The goal of my art is to create an emotional and visual response that challenges the viewer's visual perception resulting in a thought-provoking and entertaining experience.

   I utilize a variety of styles to achieve this end. The 'pop art' paintings are a result of a repurposing of ideas and visual elements borrowed from historical references and popular culture. The focus is on pattern, repetition, and color to create the illusion of spatial depth and movement. Disparate images, satire, and humor play an important role in these paintings.

   My stripe paintings explore the nature of color and the simultaneous contrast of color - when two or more colors interact to create the illusion of other colors. They are the merger of color field with hard-edge abstraction. Colors shift as the eye follows the directional movement of the lines around the field of color.  

   The instability of color and the relativity of perception are an important factor in all of my paintings.

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